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After trading blows over the last two decades for supremacy in the consumer electronics market, Samsung Electronics and Sony are set to continue their rivalry in the new arena of medical devices.

From: KoreaTimes written by Cho Mu-hyun

Only a decade ago, the Japanese company led almost every sector in the information technology industry while its Korean competitor trailed behind trying to catch up. Now, Samsung finds itself ahead in major markets such as smartphones and other consumer electronic goods.

It remains to be seen whether Sony can strike back in the medical equipment market, where it’s experience and sophistication in optical technology and systems could provide an advantage. Both firms are planning aggressive investment in the business during the second half of the year.

The Korean firm toppled Sony in 2006 and has been the top television maker for 26 straight quarters, according to research agency DisplaySearch. The agency said it had a global market share of 28.5 percent in terms of revenue.

Samsung posted a record quarterly profit for the second quarter of $5.9 billion thanks to skyrocketing smartphone sales.

The group acquired medical equipment maker Medison and renamed it Samsung Medison, and recently absorbed eight of its subsidiaries based overseas into the one here. The outfit is speculated to be looking into merging companies making equipment for magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography.

The spokesman said that Samsung will manufacturer X-ray computed tomography equipment while Samsung Medison will make magnetic resonance imaging machines.

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